Thursday the 30th 2023
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Swift Business Pay  Review


Telephone: +1 (825) 804-7538

Address: Falkenstreet 14 , Zurich 8024 , Switzerland

About company:

Swift Business Pay

Most Trusted International Wallet and Cryptocurrency Transfer Instantly

Send, Receive & Bitcoin Monetization More Cryptocurrencies Globally. Start trading now!

4 responses to “Swift Business Pay  Review”

  1. This is a scam,after I deposites i Was told I had to put in more money before I could withdraw. There was always a reason why I couldn’t take out my money. I was tired of everything and began looking for help. Since all the payments I made were through cryptocurrencies, my local police could not help me. Luckily I finally got help from the authorities I contacted via email at [removed by editor] [removed by editor][removed by editor] Wonderfully, after providing my details, it took them barely a week to trace and retrieve my funds.
    They can also be contacted on [removed by editor]/hplgdi

  2. Be careful as these people can walk away with your money as they almost did with mine. I was told I could make 15% profit if I invested on this website. So I started Trading with their PLATFORM initially it was up/down trade happened after that

  3. I sent 100 USD to Swiftbusiness Pay to activate a Debit card to the account published in their site.

    After 3 months of no response, they told me that the address where I sent the money is not theirs. If I want to activate my account I have to send more money to a new account. Really? They just keep saying this: “Sir this is not our BTC address, Kindly recheck the address”, and that’s it.

  4. SwiftBusinesspay is a scam . They charged from me two times of activation fees for two types of activation payment charges . After taking from me btc payments they never reply

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