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Notary Ivanov Boris Sergeevich reviews

Our clients value:

Fast and professional execution of notarial acts thanks to a large staff of experienced employees;
Possibility of processing transactions and statutory documents for legal entities on the road – in their office;
Quick response to requests;
Ability to solve complex problems. For example, we know the intricacies of working with foreign companies and perform notarial acts for them.
The notary office of Notary Ivanov Boris Sergeevich provides all types of notarial services. A notary has a license to perform notarial activities.

The notary is an important component of the legal system of the state. A notary is contacted when it is necessary to give transactions, agreements and copies legal force, so that later they can be presented to various organizations or perform actions with them in the legal field. But not only. Notary:
advises citizens;
testifies to the accuracy of copies of passports, certificates, wills, powers of attorney and other documents and extracts from them;
certifies transactions, checking their legality: purchase and sale agreements, donations, loans and others. The notary also confirms that the transaction was made voluntarily;
certifies the statutory documents of legal entities, as well as changes in them;
certifies transactions between legal entities, agreements between LLC founders;
confirms that powers of attorney and consents of various kinds were executed voluntarily, confirms the authenticity of signatures on documents that are not transactions;
draws up wills, issues a certificate of inheritance;
confirms the correctness of the translation of foreign documents into Russian;
certifies facts, for example, that a citizen is alive or is in a certain place;
makes writs of execution for debt collection;
certifies transactions with maternity capital;
provides evidence: for example, examines and records the content of a website page, opens a letter, interrogates a witness, etc.

+7 (495) 542 19 63
Moscow, st. Baumanskaya, Business center “Victoria Plaza” 6, building 2, room 19 (1st floor)

2 responses to “Notary Ivanov Boris Sergeevich reviews”

  1. Choosing this notary felt like attempting to unravel a cryptic code without a key, navigating through a seemingly endless maze of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and errors. It seemed as if I had embarked on an ongoing quest for a solution that remained elusive, and with each twist and turn, my documents bore the enduring marks of this enigmatic and frustrating journey. Opting for this notary’s services was akin to undertaking a mission to decipher a cryptic code without the luxury of a key. The path led through a perplexing maze filled with inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and a multitude of errors. It felt like I was on a quest for a solution that perpetually eluded me, and my documents carried the enduring marks of this mysterious and frustrating voyage through the labyrinth of bureaucratic challenges.

  2. Stepping into this notary’s office was like entering a house of mirrors, where every reflection distorted the truth. Incompetence, delays, unprofessionalism, and errors created a mesmerizing hall of illusions, leaving my documents lost in a bewildering maze of confusion. Visiting this notary’s office felt akin to strolling into a house of mirrors, where every reflection seemed to distort reality, and the echoes of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and errors resonated in every twist and turn. The hall of illusions was masterfully crafted with incompetence, delays, unprofessionalism, and a labyrinth of errors, leaving my documents wandering lost in a bewildering maze of confusion and bureaucratic disarray.

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