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Notarium Fayzulina Dilyara Shamilievna reviews

Notaries perform the following notarial actions:

  • certify transactions;
  • issue certificates of ownership of a share in the common property of spouses;
  • impose and withdraw prohibitions on the alienation of property;
  • indicate the fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them;
  • testify to the authenticity of the signature on the documents;
  • indicate the fidelity of the translation of documents from one language to another;
  • certify the fact of being a citizen alive;
  • certify the fact of the citizen in a certain place;
  • certify the identity of a citizen with a person depicted in the photograph;
  • certify the time of presentation of documents;
  • transfer applications and (or) other documents of individuals and legal entities to other individuals and legal entities;
  • accept money and securities in the deposit;
  • make executive inscriptions;
  • Protests of bills;
  • accept documents for storage;
  • provide evidence;
  • certify information about persons in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • record notifications about the pledge of movable property;
  • issue extracts from the register of notifications about the pledge of movable property;
  • give duplicates of notarial evidence, executive inscriptions and duplicates of documents expressing the content of notarized transactions;
  • certify the equivalent of an electronic document with a document on paper;
  • certify the equivalent of the document on paper by an electronic document;
  • certify the identity of the person’s own signature of an invalid with a facsimile reproduction of his own signature;
  • issue certificates of inheritance;
  • take measures to protect inheritance property;
  • certify decisions of the management bodies of legal entities;
  • submit documents for state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Information in the register of lists of participants in limited liability societies of a unified information system of notaries;
  • issue extracts from the register of lists of participants in limited liability companies of the unified information system of notaries
+7(919) 962-02-02
Moscow, Pyatnitsky Lane house 3, building 3

2 responses to “Notarium Fayzulina Dilyara Shamilievna reviews”

  1. This notary’s office resembled a vortex of disarray, a swirling whirlwind of confusion where incompetence, delays, unprofessionalism, and critical errors were the storm that I had to weather. It was as if I had stumbled into a maelstrom of disappointment, where the chaos and confusion seemed to be the order of the day.

  2. My visit to this notary felt like stepping into an absurdist novel, where the characters were a motley crew of confusion, incompetence, and disarray. It was as if I had entered a dimension where logical processes had been replaced with a surreal circus of errors and unprofessionalism, leaving my documents marred and my patience thoroughly tested. I strongly advise avoiding this notary, unless you find absurdity to be a source of amusement, but in the realm of notarial services, it’s certainly not what one would expect.

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