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FTX  Review


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About company:

FTX is an exchange founded in 2019. The company that owns it is registered in Antigua and Barbuda. Specializes in spot trading and derivatives of cryptocurrencies, as well as OTC transactions. FTX supports margin trading on select cryptocurrencies with a maximum leverage of 1:3. The exchange provides its own mobile trading application. Works with major fiats. The trading terminal allows you to make transactions using seven types of orders.

8 responses to “FTX  Review”

  1. Do not trust them , they are swindler . reach out to a s s etr e cl a i m .0 rg , to get help

  2. I was empty since I knew this FTX I invested all my money has turned out to be a scam, If ever I received my money again I will stuff it under my mattress and never talk about anything like investments in my life again

  3. This is bad for the crypto world, any mistakes made by these whales we are always made to suffers, crypto has dropped 15% thanks guys, upwardfinancelimited dotcom got my with drwal from ftx

  4. Was recommended this wallet thru exodus as wanted to transfer to FIAT currency I failed verification because they say my address doesn’t match any records, I have been at my address for a year hence I transferred all of my crypto to FTX and because they say failed verification all of my crypto is stuck there and support just said my account is closed DO NOT USE THIS WALLET they are modern day crooks

  5. I have been using FTX as my main crypto exchange for over 2 years now. I am nothing but pleased with the experience. I sell crypto and their fiat deposits are the best option for me. Quick, easy and cheap. FTX is also not filled with s**t coins like Binance or other exchanges which is nice.

    Would recommend.

  6. FTX is a scam, ATM card never worked, after you deposit you can not get your money back.
    Business doing good! If you mean FTX takes deposits and then refuses to allow you to use or withdraw then it is Great…FOR YOU. Your customer, not so much. I see now how Sam can afford to buy failing projects. Take deposits and then refuse any transfer of crypto or withdrawal of cash, btw, ATM never worked. I have screen shots from support from August 5, 2022 until September 14, 2022 trying to use. Will send to Trust Pilot if needed, sending them to SEC with complaint letter as well.

  7. Scam company shame I didn’t read the bad reviews they take your identity documents to create fake PayPal and bad things take care I just send them and they want I create an account in all countries to avoid their scam veriication stay away

  8. I started the sign up process and ever since I have been having upto 7 phone calls a day regarding it for over 3 weeks I’ve told them I no longer want to go through with this due to their constant mivering and to take my phone number off the records time after time which has not been done because I’m still getting constant calls. Going to have to change my number they ring from various different mobile numbers also from France, London and all over so can’t even block their numbers

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