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3 thoughts on “ECONOMY REVIEW

  1. The company used the services twice (in Germany and in Italy). There were no problems with car rental anywhere (Enterprise, Alamo). Yes, there are nuances: debiting funds immediately upon booking, the obligatory presence of a nominal credit (by the way, a nominal debit credit, if there is an amount sufficient to cover the franchise, is also accepted by car rental companies in Europe), penalties for changing the reservation. You need to be prepared for this and carefully read the conditions so that later there is no feeling that you have been scammed.

  2. The company is very good. I have been using car rental services for more than a year. In the middle of summer I was in Italy, I ordered a car rental from EconomyBookings, I was surprised by the price, very low prices, as for Italy, a big plus is insurance, it is more difficult with other companies. Thanks to the guys from EconomyBookings, I managed to solve all the cases in a couple of days, saved a lot of time.

  3. They cheat and are not ashamed of it. To begin with, money is blocked on your card. Then, regardless of the result – whether you rented a car or not – you can say goodbye to money. They didn’t have their own cars. They only provide services for finding free cars from rental offices. Contact directly, bypassing this dishonorable intermediary, and you will be happy!

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