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Address: 2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road,, Ruislip,, London,, United Kingdom, HA4 7AE

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About company

The company of professional traders and investors, which launched this project 7 years ago, works continuously to improve the technology and the terms of use. We know from personal experience how important it is to work in comfort. Thats why we pay attention to each client and try to optimize the work process individually. At the moment we give our clients the opportunity to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies or entrust a personal account to our experts

Our goal

Become No. 1 in trade and investment

Our mission

Make the trading process in financial markets convenient and understandable for each user

Be part of our large and ambitious team

Thousands of investors earn with us every day. Constantly increasing the pace, we strive to increase the number of users and their profits


  1. The trading conditions and diligence of this broker are pleasing, but it is hardly suitable for beginners, because the entry threshold is quite high – you need to invest from 1,500 euros or more. Not everyone will be able to pull such an amount from the start. Here you will first have to practice on another platform, collect capital, and only then invest.

  2. I do not advise anyone to invest money here, there will definitely not be any sense. The crooks deceived my mother, taking advantage of her gullibility and desire to start making money on trading. At first, they showed positive deals, and after receiving a large amount to the account, they set up a technical failure and reset everything. These were all her savings for a couple of decades.

  3. Already doubled the deposit on this platform. I see that there will be some sense in working with her. The company honestly fulfills the agreements and makes money. She definitely deserves a solid five.

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